Why Use a Portable Fish Finder?


The fish finder is the most advanced fishing gadget ever created to help angling enthusiasts get better results. There is a wide range of different fish finder devices available in the market these days, from fish finders under 200 dollars to high-end ones packed to the brim with the latest innovations.

Whatever your requirements are, you will be able to find a model that will contain all of the factors you need in order to experience a satisfying fishing trip. Here is some helpful information about the benefits of fish finders and the factors that you should take into consideration when looking for one.

Why Use a Portable Fish Finder?

The Benefits


These devices are often portable and handy, making them travel-friendly. They can be used in a range of areas. The convenience of a fish finder means it won’t make trouble for your angling activities, whether you are just a casual weekender angler, on a serious competition, fishing from land areas or fishing from a boat or any kind of water vessel.


A castable transducer can provide anglers the advantage of covertness or stealth. You can position the transducer over your chosen fishing area without needing to move your loud, often-shuffling boat, so it won’t scare away fish.


Portable fish finders typically include a castable transducer which is a must for fishing in areas where moving the boat or water vessel should be kept to a minimum. The user casts the transducer in the exact spot where they need it and it will provide them with a better idea of the structureof the riverbed and whether or not there are actual fish to target.

Specialty angling

Special fishing or angling practices like ice fishing can take advantage of the benefits offered by sonar technology included in a fish finder. Several units are built to withstand severely cold temperatures. All you have to do is immerse the transducer and you can carry on fishing.

The Factors

If you want to purchase a portable fish finder, you have to remember the following key factors.

Screen size

When it comes to resolution, bigger displays are always recommended particularly for open ocean locations where you are required to utilize split-screen functions.


If you plan on tackling shallow waters and lakes, you can opt for a single frequency transducer. If you fish in deeper waters, you can go for a dual frequency model.


Purchase a model with the greatest resolution in color that your money can buy. The resolution on a portable fish finder will not affect the screen significantly, but screens with higher resolutions will absolutely make your angling activities better.

Signal strength

Quality models will offer excellent signal strength compared to standard ones, but you also have to take into account how varied your planned fishing will be. If you want to fish in lakes or shallow areas, signal strength is not an issue.


The most common issue with portable fish finders is the power supply. If a model with excellent power strength is way beyond your budget, you can consider buying a model with a removable battery. You can purchase an extra supply for when your fish finder runs out of juice. Do not forget to include backups for fishing.

Ease of use

More often than not, we are so concerned with the price of a gadget or its accompanying features that we often overlook important points like a gadget’s ease of use. A great portable fish finder is not too complicated and users should not have a difficult time figuring out how to use the features.


You should buy the best quality fish finder that you can afford. The quality can be gauged by the unit’s craftsmanship. Quality depends on the company or the manufacturer and it can differ based on the excellence of the parts and production standards.

Consumers should be cautious when it comes to these units as plenty of the new innovative features have resulted in lower quality ratings and in turn, discouraged users.

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