Venterior Portable Wired Fish Finder


Venterior Portable Wired Fish Finder

Plenty of individuals love the challenge of fishing. While some are into the challenge of finding fish and great fishing spots, others are not that patient and would love to hit a big catch sooner.

Regardless of your patience, if you are into angling, you should try out using a fish finder. There are fish finders that do not need mounting on a boat as well as models that need to be fastened. If you depend on rental water vessels and need a unit that does not require mounting, you can check out Venterior’s Portable fish finder model. Let us see whether this one is worth buying.


  • Has TN/Anti-UV LCD monitor
  • Includes LED Backlight in green
  • Has spherical transducer sensor
  • Has 328.08ft at maximum and 2.30ft at minimum depth range
  • Has 45-degrees sensor beam angle
  • Can display structures on water bottom
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Package contains removable transducer float, rubber stopper, 25ft cable, stainless steel wing nut and bolt, transducer side can adapter, neck strap and user manual


Do you need a compact fish finder that does not require the hassle of drilling and fastening on a boat? Venterior’s portable fish finder could be the thing for you. You can position the fish finder on the hull of the boat or allow the sonar to float on the water by means of the 25 feet cable that comes with the device.

It detects and displays factors or items that you will discover at the bottom including big and small weeds, rocks, obstructions and most important of all, your targets.

Want to know the size of the fish in the area? Then use the unit’s sensitivity settings which can be adjusted to High to show small and big fish. The Low setting, on the other hand, displays only bigger kinds of fish. In addition, the unit has other attributes like fish depth scale and fish alarm. The former familiarizes itself to the kind of water environment it’s on.

It is easy and simple to set up. The item does not include the required 4 AAA batteries though, so you have to purchase them separately. All you have to do is pop those batteries in and you can go on with your angling activities.

Learning to use the device’s settings is easy as well, especially its sensitivity adjustments, alarm and battery-saving modes and backlight. It also contains a neck strap so users can hang the unit around their necks if they do not intend to use it for a while.


This Venterior model has been praised by many anglers, but there were some who thought that the company should focus on making some needed enhancements. Users who often use kayaks suggested that the cable included could be shortened since it was a bit long. One can always use zip-ties to fix this issue though.

Another complaint about the unit is that whenever one adjusts its default settings from meters to feet, the unit does not remember this as soon as it gets turned off. This also happens whenever the device goes into battery-saving mode. This means users have to manually set the device to their preference each time.

Another funny thing about the device is the fact that it is not waterproof. As a gadget that works with water, we would expect a fish finder to be water-resistant or waterproof.

There were a number of customers who complained the unit’s screen turned cloudy as soon as it was exposed to even the slightest bit of humidity. The package does have a water-resistant design, but its water-resistance rating is lower than average. If you do not want to damage the item, you can enclose it inside a waterproof holder in case the item requires positioning on the boat or near water.


While the Venterior fish finder has its setbacks, it will operate decently for a unit that has a price of below a hundred dollars. The Venterior fish finder is a good buy for a budget item. Just make sure to invest in a waterproof container to extend its lifespan.

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