Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder


Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

Fishing enthusiasts should know about benefits of using a gadget such as the fish finder. The fish finder will make the search for fish and excellent fishing spots easier even for self-proclaimed angling experts.

We have all experienced that annoying instance of waiting in a spot for hours without any sign of a decent target, and this often leads to frustration and at worst, giving up the hobby entirely.

Now you can improve your chances of catching fish by using a fish finder like Deeper’s Smart portable model. Let us provide you with some helpful details about the unit. Read on to learn more about this fish finder.


  • Includes a 5-inch LED monitor with backlight
  • Provides protection against fogging and internal clouding
  • Has a broad spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar
  • Has a Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile application
  • Has a removable mounting ball
  • Can store up to 3000 waypoints plus 15 tracks
  • Can store more waypoints and tracks by using a microSD memory card


Deeper’s Smart portable fish finder is praised by plenty of expert anglers not only for the convenience it offers but also because of its technology. The unit is a circular fish finder with the size of a tennis ball and it can connect with the help of Bluetooth via users’ smartphone units.

If you already have access to Android or iOS you can get the appropriate app from the company and transform your phone into a fish finder.

The unit works in depths that range from 1.5 feet up to 40 feet. It works fine in both saltwater and freshwater settings. It includes dual frequency functions so users can alternate effortlessly to get the needed information.

To use the unit, users must attach the device to their water vessel and cast on their choice spots. The device lets users move on to areas that a regular fish finder wouldl not be able to go to like the shore or the dock.

The device is also recommended for anglers who do not currently own water vessels and rely on rentals. It will work by way of a smartphone and because it acquires information with the help of Bluetooth technology, users won’t have to be concerned with cellphone reception.

Customers who liked the Deepter Smart fish finder loved its functionality. Plenty of buyers shared that the unit makes fishing easier and can be relied on to do its job. It works quite well with smartphone technologies like Android and iOS and it makes angling more enjoyable.

Apart from the sonar, it has other features too like the import and export functions for using a number of devices and storing all the data through cloud technology. In addition, the unit also includes weather forecast functions, moon rise, moon set, sunrise and sunset information.


People liked the device and the time of writing there was no negative feedback related to this particular model. However, several customers expressed their worries that as soon as the battery has been used a certain number of times, the user should get in touch with a Deeper technician as soon as possible for a replacement. Deeper has clarified that batteries for the device will only provide up to 300 cycles before the unit requires a replacement.


Deeper’s Portable Fish Finder includes the features that angling enthusiasts need in a fish finder. The model has CHIRP technology, an innovation that is praised in the fishing community and industry. It is portable and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Your smartphone will display all of the important information you need. It is also a model recommended for anglers who do not own water vessels yet.

The Bluetooth technology it utilizes makes searching for targets effortless and the functionality of Deeper’s Portable Fish Finder does not disappoint. This item is very much worth trying. It’s a nice addition to your collection of fishing gear and tackle.

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