Best Fishing Lures: Finding the Right Set for You


Best Fishing Lures: Finding the Right Set for You

Being successful in fishing does not only come from skills and experience but also from having the right tools and materials. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, using the best fishing lures will enable you to catch the fish that you want in no time.

What Are Fishing Lures?

Fishing lures increase your chances of catching a fish because it can imitate their preys. Different colors of lures work in different waters and fishes, which is why you should have a basic idea on what color of lure to use in a specific water area.

For muddy and dark waters, river systems, or low-light conditions, you should use darker lures like bluegill, crawfish, shad, and chartreuse with a blue back color. This is more commonly known as the “match-the-hatch” technique.

If you are fond of using a plastic type of lures and if you’re in muddy waters, you should think about contrasting colors like black neon, Junebug, and black and blue.

If you are in clear waters, then it is best to choose natural colors like green pumpkin, brown, and watermelon. This is because if you choose to use dark-colored lures, chances are they would look out of place in the clear waters, and the fishes won’t be enticed to bite into them.

Different Types of Fishing Lures

Using the right color of a lure is not the only way to increase your chances of catching a fish, but also by using the right type of lure. By choosing the right type, size, and shape, the fish will easily see your lure and bite into it. Here are the different types of lure:

  1. Spoons – This is shaped like a head of a spoon, which flutters while sinking into the water, creating an illusion of an injured fish.
  2. Jigs – This is more commonly used in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has a big-weighted head, plastic or feather as a tail, which hides its hook. Often, fishermen put an oil-based scent or live bait on the hook to increase the chances of enticing more fish.
  3. Crankbait – This is usually made from wood or plastic and is more commonly used to get bass. It has a bill-like feature to look like a duck, which allows it to go down in depths.
  4. Spinning – This is the kind of lure that creates the most vibration in the water. It is often made from metal that spins or wobble while sinking into the water or when you are retrieving your line.
  5. Plug – This one is often made from plastic or wood and can work in different ways. It can trail through mid-water, sink into the bottom of the water, or just skim along the surface in which anglers can work in different ways.

Best Fishing Lures: Our Top Three Favorites

There are a lot of different types of fishing lures in the market. From sizes, shapes, colors, and even usefulness, you will be able to find all of these in almost all fishermen shops. To help you out, we have listed down three of our favorites below.

The Smartonly Fishing Lure Set

This fishing lure set is one of the best sets in the market. It is often made with metal and plastic and has almost all the types and colors that you can easily use in any type of body of water.

The sizes of each lure can vary from 7.9, 4.72, and 2.4 inches. All in all, this fishing lure set has a total of 275 pieces of different types of lures. It comes in a plastic fishing tackle box that includes soft fishing lures, frog-type lures, hard metal lures, VIB rattles, metal jig hooks, and more.

The Pros:

  • Has almost all the colors for any type of body of water
  • Has almost all the sizes of lures
  • Has almost all the types of lures
  • Comes with extra hooks

The Con:

  • The tackle box is made of plastic

The LotFancy Fishing Lure Set

This LotFancy fishing lure is mostly composed of crankbaits with treble hooks that are primarily used for catching bass fishes. These lures are made with 3-D lifelike eyes, stainless steel hooks, high-resolution details in the body, and almost works life-like. This makes them more effective in enticing fishes.

Each fishing lure has a gravity ball inside, which creates a low-frequency vibration while sinking in the water. This feature also helps you raise your line when throwing to a distance.

The sizes of the lures vary from 1.5 to 3.6 inches and can weigh from three grams to eight grams per piece. It has different color assortments, which you can use in different types of saltwater and freshwater areas.

The Pros:

  • It has a variety of lure colors
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Designed to help you improve your throw distance

The Con:

  • Only includes crankbaits

The PLUSINNO Fishing Lure Kit

This Plusinno Fishing Lure Kit includes 16 pieces of spinner lures that come in a portable carry bag. This allows it to be conveniently carried around while you are fishing or camping. The carry bag has a measurement of 8.27 by 5.51 by 1.58 inches.

The spinner lures are equipped with premium quality blade treble hooks that cause vibration and flashes of light while under the water. As a result, the fishes are enticed to bite into it.

This lure kit is designed to use in trout and bass fishing. It has rooster tails and brightly colored sleeves with strike-attractor for every lure, which can be both used in saltwater and freshwater. They are made from metal and can weigh between four grams to 12 grams and have a length that ranges from 2.16 inches to 3.35 inches.

The Pros:

  • Easy to store and transport
  • Made from quality materials
  • Comes in a variety of colors

The Cons:

  • Only focuses on trout and bass fishing

The Verdict

If you are a beginner and would like to try your luck with the best fishing lures, then it would be best to check out the Smartonly Fishing Lure Set with a free tackle box. It has a great variety of lure selection with different colors and sizes.

This set comes with 275 pieces of fishing lures that will not only help you get to know what type of fishing you are more inclined to but also give you the chance to try every lure there is in the market.

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